Useful Tips On Picking Central Factors In Wedding Shoes

liquor store with enough swill to soak Skid Row for a month. Whats more, the bad boy launched his booze-buying spree just hours after Stefani, 47, chatted it up with late-night TV host Seth Meyers 2,500 miles away in New York City! When Gwen is away, Blake seems to play! Or, at the very least, take a few cheat days, a so-called source is quoted as saying. Thats pretty much all the information the webloid has, and most of it is inaccurate. Shelton was, in fact, photographed leaving a liquor store, but thats not the problem here. At issue is RadarOnline regurgitating its sister publication, the National Enquirer, which falsely claimed last week that Stefani had put Shelton on an alcohol-free diet . A rep for the songstress exclusively told Gossip Cop the story was untrue. In other words, Stefani never banned Shelton from drinking, so the notion that hes now in trouble for going to a liquor story is also patently untrue. Furthermore, while the bad blog wants readers to think Sheltons boozing is torpedoing his wedding plans, he and Stefani have never been set to wed. The erroneous marriage claims have come from tabloids like RadarOnlines other sister outlets, OK!

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