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Wedding albums stolen from porch in East Mount Airy, suspect caught on camera

"It's a very clear picture of him. When he bends down to get the packages you can even see the brand of underwear he's wearing," Nahas said. The thief took wedding albums, just back from her printer, to be sent to the newlyweds in time for Christmas. The albums cannot be replaced in time for holiday delivery, and they are of value only to the families of the bride and groom, who decide on the design and content with Nahas. "Once it's finalized I send it out to a professional printing company that I use, and then it gets sent to me, then I send it to my clients along with a USB drive, a thank you card and sometimes some cookies," she said. Police in the 14th district says that during the holiday season they average five reports package theft per week. "He actually looks really comfortable when it's happening, which is a little more disturbing to me because he doesn't seem rushed or nervous. He walks up to my front gate, he loiters there for a second. A postal truck passes by, a car passes by. He fiddles with my gate because he can't figure out which way it opens.

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